Everyday Kit 

A few things that are always in my backpack when i’m riding. You’d be surprised how much they get used……if your a splitboarder then you know what i’m talking about…
Something i can never do without.  Its in my bag everyday.  Being a snowboarder, there is the inevitable moment when you need a screwdriver…..Gerber has you covered.  Always a good to have a multitool for emergencies….there are many brands.  Not going to lie, i bought a Gerber because Bear Grylls has it…….thats it…..
​Avi gear
The three most important items in your kit. Transceiver, shovel and probe. Always have them in your bag, and make sure the rest of your crew has them too and that everyone knows how to use them.
Camera is a must…..how else are you going to get that classic mountain top ‘selfie’
Nothing worse then a sweaty goggle face when hiking, pack your sunnies and have a dry face.
 Snacks and Water
I always carry some kind of snack with me, usually nut bars just for the energy.  Especially when your day involves a lot of boot packing and hard riding. That little treat is going to come in very handy.
​Water is essential on big days, usually 1 Litre is sufficient.  Dehydration is the worst thing, especially on those blue bird day hikes.
​Medical Tape/Duct Tape
This may just be me, but i alway have medical tape in my bag.  You can literally fix anything with this stuff.  From cuts to broken equipment, its saved me more then a few times.

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