Les Arcs – Freeriders idea of paradise?



What Makes a good are for freeriding?

To me, it’s having access to steep, exposed terrain with features and technical lines.  This isn’t taking into account backcountry touring.

Les Arcs is one of the super resorts nestled in the Tarentaise Valley in the French Alps. Its well known to English and French holidaymakers alike for its good pistes and its connection to La Plagne creating one of the worlds largest networks of groomers.

But, Les Arcs has another side, and I’m not sure I want to be telling you this and I think the locals would agree, but this ski area has some of the most impressive, easy access freeride terrain in the Alps.  Most of these heavy lines are a mere 20 min hike from a chair, they might not be long descents like in Switzerland or other high altitude resorts, what you get are short, steep and exposed lines littered with rocky features and technical riding making it perfect for freeriders.

A word of warning though, some of the lines and routes here are very heavy and should never be looked at lightly just because of the relaxed French attitude to off-piste.


Here is a mini edit from two back to back days of hiking around the resort.  Watch in HD and with sound on..

So for me, its been a great winter here so far, we have been lucky and received a lot of snow and had very cold temperatures meaning we can ride the more exposed areas of Les Arcs.  The snowpack seems pretty stable right now with cold temps staying around ( minus 24 last week) . and with fresh falling as I write I’m hoping more will open up to us in the coming weeks.


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